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Clue Characters
Clue Characters
This collection is composed of cartoon-style tempera paintings of the characters made famous in the board game "Clue", such as Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, and Mrs.White.  These paintings were made by only using the pure color mentioned in the name of the character and mixing white and black with this pure color to create different color values of that pure color.

Grades 7-9 artists

image of Mr. Green     image of Miss Scarlet     image of Colonel Mustard     image of Mrs. Peacock     image of Mr. Green     image of Miss Scarlet
   Mr. Green             Miss Scarlet     Colonel Mustard     Mrs. Peacock       Mr. Green            Miss Scarlet
   Alec Akin         Danielle Wilson  Michael Wilkinson  Nicole Middlekoop  Jonathan Hays  Jerilyn Peko

Grades 4-6 artists

image of Colonel Mustard           image of Professor Plum          image of Mrs. White        image of Colonel Mustard
Colonel Mustard     Professor Plum           Miss Scarlet           Colonel Mustard
Thomas Lemon     Amanda Canning    Amanda Phillips        Kale Kight

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