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Ancient Egyptian Portraits
Ancient Egyptian Portraits
Many Ancient Egyptian artists drew  profiles of the face turned to the side while the eye and the chest faced the front, which give the profile a different appearance.  Here glue was used to trace over the lines; then pastels were added between the lines for color.

Grades 7-9 artists

image of egyptian by jonathan     image of egyptian by jerilyn    image of egyptian by william    image of egyptian by mike             
Jonathan Hays         Jerilyn Peko    William Hendershott  Michael Wilkinson

 Ian Schroetlin       Kendra Beardsley  Aundrea Canning          Dylan Hill
        2015                     2015                     2015                       2015

Taylor Medavarapu

Grade 4-6 artists

image of egyptian by amandap     image of egyptian by kale     image of egyptain by amandac     image of egyptian by alex     
Amanda Phillips        Kale Kight          Amanda Canning      Alex Dietrich

   Kaly Peidra
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