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Fossil Finds
Fossil Finds

Fossil Finds

Most of the fossils below were found at The Fossil Bowl Dig Site, Clarkia, Idaho off of Hwy 3. The Clarkia Miocene Site is considered by many to be the richest fossil site in the world. At one time in the past a lake covered this region.  The fossils found here provide evidence that the Clarkia Miocene Lake region of North Central Idaho used to have a warm southern climate much like the Everglades, a much different climate than the dry climate this region of Idaho currently experiences with its hot summers and cold winters. 

This fossil site is located about 70 miles northwest of Lewiston, ID and is open to the public.  The fossils are found layered in the lake sediments which were deep enough to lack oxygen. The owners of the property claim that the only other region in the world where similar fossils are found is in China.

Although leaf fossils are the most numerous kinds found here, a number of fish fossils and coprolite (fossilized fish droppings) have also been found.  "Coprolite" is a scientific name for the fossilized excrement, feces or droppings of ancient animals.  125 different kinds of   leaves, insects, and fish fossils have been found at this site. 

  Star-shaped Flower Fossil from Clarkia Fossil Bowl     Clarkia, Idaho
  Carolina Moonseed Fossil (Cocculus heteromorpha)    Clarkia, Idaho
  Fossilized Fish Droppings (Coprolite)   Clarkia, Idaho
  Branch Fossil         Clarkia, Idaho
  Leaf Fossil       Clarkia, Idaho
  Conifer Leaf        Clarkia, Idaho
  (rt. side) Avocado, Sweet Bay (Persea pseudocarolinesis)  Clarkia, Idaho
  Leaf Fossil           Clarkia, Idaho

  Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia occidentalis)   Clarkia, Idaho


  Bald Cypress (Taxodium dubium)    Clarkia, Idaho
  Fir Needle (Abies chaneyi)  & Birch Leaf     Clarkia, Idaho
  Plant Fossil        Clarkia, Idaho

Fossils from Juliaetta, Idaho


  Plant Fossil 

Juliaetta, Idaho

  Plant Fossil 

Juliaetta, Idaho

  Leaf Fossil 

Juliaetta, Idaho

Other Fossil Finds


  Shell Fossil     Coos Bay, Oregon
  Leaf Fossil in coal seam     Found near Bellingham, WA

Photos and fossils collected by Richard Rasmussen

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