Beacon Christian School

Lewiston | ID
Grades 6 - 8
Grades 6 - 8

Colonial Michael image of court jesters 

Art Gallery --   Click on this link to go to our school's art gallery,  featuring  art work created. by current and former students of our class.    

Who I Am Technology Project -- This is a technology/computer /Internet project designed to be used at the beginning of the school year so students and the teacher in the classroom can get to know each other better.

Teachers: Download the Who I Am Lesson Plan and the Who I Am PowerPoint template. Save the  PowerPoint template on your computer, then open it using your PowerPoint application.

Students:  Download the Who I Am PowerPoint template.  Save the  PowerPoint template on your computer, then open it using your PowerPoint application.  Receive further directions from your teacher.

Rodeo Rich's Oregon Trail Web Page Check Rodeo Rich's (aka Mr. Rasmussen) web page out to find some great resources on the Oregon Trail.

Buffalo Eddy Petroglyphs -- View pictures of petroglyphs (rock drawings) carved hundreds of years ago by the Nez Perce Indians along the Snake River near Asotin, WA. Buffalo Eddy is one of the sites of the Nez Perce National Historical Park.

Fossil Finds -- View fossils found at The Fossil Bowl Dig Site in Clarkia, Idaho.  The Clarkia Miocene Lake site is considered to be the richest fossil site in the world.

Life in Medieval Europe During the Middle Ages -- Download Microsoft PowerPoint presentations created by the seventh and eight graders on life in Medieval Europe during the Middle Ages.

1944 Battle of Leyte, Philippines Campaign -- This is a student-created PowerPoint presentation of the Allied forces struggle to gain control of the island of Leyte in the Philippines from Japan during World War II. Sep. 2011

Women's Right to Vote - Watch this short video with the theme about women wanting to vote during the Progressive Era.

Carrie Chapman Catt - Watch this autobiographical video on Carrie Chapman Catt, leader in the Women's Suffragist Movement during the Progressive Era.

Research Reports Resources --

         How to Write a Research Report -- Download this helpful PowerPoint Presentation created by Mr. Rasmussen on writing research reports and citing your sources, including electronic sources.

        So You Have to Do a Research Report?  Information to help students write and complete a research project.

Social Studies -- 

Westward HO! -- Travel the Oregon Trail with hundreds of others with the Westward HO! wagon train.
Westward HO! is an integrated web-based U.S. History program.

        Oregon Trail Resources -- Browse a list of great Oregon Trail links and resources. 

        World War I Project
- Fighting World War I on the Home Front

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