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                                                                                            December 8, 2017

3 H’s

Often this time of year, we think of H’s as in “Happy Holidays!” or “Ho! Ho! Ho!”  While I love the holiday spirit, I have been thinking lately of the profound importance of three other H’s found in Philippians 2:8—“He humbled Himself . . . .”  I am SO thankful that Jesus came as a baby, and I believe that humility would solve a host of the world’s problems.  It is a quality we often lose sight of in our race for success as we see it, a success usually rated in terms of our own goals and objectives.  Wouldn’t it be like a dream come true if everyone put those successes “on the back burner” and focused instead on the needs of those around us?  We might have to wait for Heaven (another “H”) to fully realize those aspirations, but it is my hope and prayer that each of us will humbly follow the lead of the King of the Universe who took on humanity for us.
                               David Gage

Upcoming Events

(Please mark your calendars.)
                        6 p.m. – School Gym
Dec. 18-Jan. 1    Christmas Break
Jan.   2           School resumes
Jan. 31          Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
Apr. 21          Beacon 100th Anniversary Celebration
(All students will be participating.)
Apr. 22          Beacon Golf Tournament

Getting Ready for the Robotics Tournament

Playing for Guardian Angel Home Residents


*Our winter sports program will begin in January, but we need to sign up now.  Please look over the letter we are sending home with your children, and if you are planning to ski, please sign up by December 13.
*We hope to see you all at our annual school Christmas program! It’s December 13, 6 p.m.
*Congratulations to Micalyn Haugsted, our talented 8th grade writer who earned first place in the Idaho Forest Products essay contest.

Hot Lunch Menu

Dec. 13      Taco Time
Jan.    3      Pizza
Jan.  10      Taco Time
Jan.  17      Surprise
Jan.  24      Baked Spaghetti